Sep 17

Connection Strings

Every time I want to create a new project, I either have to look into previous projects, or go to It’s a wonderful site that you can use to find the specific connection string that you may ever need.

For me, however, I typically use 1 of 2 connection strings. It either has a username/password, or it uses integrated security (currently logged in user).

SQL Server 2008 Connection String with User name and Password:

Data Source=myServerAddress;Initial Catalog=myDataBase;User Id=myUsername;Password=myPassword;

SQL Server 2008 Connection String with Integrated Security:

Data Source=myServerAddress;Initial Catalog=myDataBase;Integrated Security=SSPI;

Sep 05

Stay The Hell Out Of Other Peoples Code – Russ Olsen

I just read an interesting blog post about The Best Programming Advice To Ever Get.

It’s a great and short read about a developers ego, and how you need to let it go to make improvements. My favorite line was at the end, many years after realizing that the advice given was dumb; it kept current systems slow because developers didn’t want to cross the barrier of someone else’s code. “But the best way to have a future is to be part of a team that values progress over politics, ideas over territory, and initiative over decorum.”

I urge you to take a quick read, and remember to check your ego at the door. It could be your once brilliant concept that is slowing the progress of the project. Suck it up, and learn from it.

Sep 02

Windows 7 Alt-Tab

I’ve been using Microsoft Windows since 3.11.

I didn’t get thoroughly familiar with keyboard shortcuts until Windows 98 and ME. My two favorites were Alt-Tab (switch) and Alt-F4 (close).

After getting a new laptop for my birthday, I shortly discovered that the Alt-Tab was a huge pain in my ass. And it was one I wasn’t willing to just get used to; I had no idea where I was at in any of the applications that would just flip in front of me.

A quick google search resulted in me finding my answer.

Control Panel
Advanced System Settings
Advanced (Tab) -> Performance (Section) -> Settings (Button)
Visual Effects (Tab)
Uncheck “Enable Aero Peek”
Apply/OK all the way out.

Problem solved, and blood pressure can resume normal 120/80.