Stay The Hell Out Of Other Peoples Code – Russ Olsen

I just read an interesting blog post about The Best Programming Advice To Ever Get.

It’s a great and short read about a developers ego, and how you need to let it go to make improvements. My favorite line was at the end, many years after realizing that the advice given was dumb; it kept current systems slow because developers didn’t want to cross the barrier of someone else’s code. “But the best way to have a future is to be part of a team that values progress over politics, ideas over territory, and initiative over decorum.”

I urge you to take a quick read, and remember to check your ego at the door. It could be your once brilliant concept that is slowing the progress of the project. Suck it up, and learn from it.

RJ writes custom Windows and Web applications using the Microsoft .NET framework, and enjoys solving problems with code, often while listening to a techno soundcloud stream. He hopes to one day write an application that many businesses will use.


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