Jun 20

Invalid Verizon Wireless Bill – Phishing Scam


You are no doubtedly here because you clicked a link in an email in regards to something about your verizon bill.

This was a phishing attempt, and was thwarted (hopefully) before too many people got caught.

At about 12:45pm EST, I received a phone call from the Titan America Help Desk, informing me of the offense. Unfortunately, that only gave me 15 minutes to find the issue and thwart it, as I had an important client meeting to get to.

I was not able to find the problem within this time frame, as it wasn’t visible in the WordPress utility. During the meeting, however, I thought of another way this could be occurring. Once the meeting was over, I verified that it was indeed the cause, and removed access to it.

Somehow, and I’ll be investigating how for a little bit, 2 files were created on my server in the root directory. Both of them were identical. The root file was “wless.html” (how you got here), and the other was “zion.html”. The zion file had zero access permissions, which leads me to believe it’s the master copy.

The HTML file contained a basic (ugly) layout, but quite an advanced javascript algorithm that loaded an iframe element into the code. This, no doubt, would have made it appear that I was behind the phishing attack.

Let me assure you that I was not.

I have reported back to the representative who contacted me about the issue, and hopefully he was able to stop it at the root.

You’re safe for the moment, but please use caution when dealing with sensitive information.

You can read about how to detect and prevent phishing scams in the future.

So, take a deep breath and hold it… hold it… keep holding it… and exhale. You can relax.

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